25th Infantry Division CG MG Benjamin Mixon OIF 06-08 (Version 2)

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MG Benjamin R. Mixon served as the Commanding General (CG), 25th Infantry Division (25th ID) during Operation Iraqi Freedom 06-08 (OIF 06-08) 2006-2007.

While commanding the 25th, MG Mixon deployed to Operation Iraqi Freedom and commanded both Task Force Lightning and Multi-National Division North (MND-N) in Iraq. During this time, MG Mixon oversaw heavy fighting in the Diyala province. It was during his time as commander of all coalition forces in northern Iraq that MG Mixon became an early and public proponent of the surge strategy in Iraq. Upon relinquishing command of the 25th Infantry Division in February 2008 Mixon assumed command of United States Army Pacific (USARPAC).

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