3rd Special Forces Group (Airborne) 3d Battalion Operational Detachment A-394

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The nature of Operational Detachment A-394's (ODA 394) new mission was special reconnaissance, and the team re-fitted and rehearsed to establish clandestine observation posts in enemy-held territory on two rocky mountaintops. But after two days of preparation, Three-Nine-Four was ordered to stand down to allow Danish and German troops to conduct the operation. The succession of unexecuted missions was wearing on the morale of the SF soldiers, who were eager to get into the fight. The biggest action of the war so far was about to begin, and they were being held in reserve at the Kandahar "Rose Garden." 

On D-Day of the operation, as the SF soldiers listened to the various American and allied commanders sending orders and information over the radio, it became apparent to them that Anaconda was not going as planned. The radio chatter indicated unexpectedly strong enemy resistance and numerous U.S. casualties from the fire of mortars and machine guns. 

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