Advanced SEAL Delivery System (ASDS) One Piranha

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The Advanced SEAL Delivery System (ASDS) is a long-range submersible capability to deliver special operations forces for clandestine missions. ASDS provides improved range, speed and payload, and habitability for the crew and a SEAL squad. ASDS will be carried to its designated operational area by a host ship, a specially configured SSN-688 Class submarine. The ASDS can be carried by six specifically modified LOS ANGELES Class SSNs, all VIRGINIA Class SSNs, and also SSGNs (if SSGNs are made operational). ASDS will also be air transportable by either C-5 or C-17 aircraft. A total of six ASDS were to be built for USSOCOM.

The ASDS was designed to reduce the risk to Navy Special Operations forces (SEALs) when required the transit from a submarine to shore. ASDS permits long-range special forces operations. It also enhances the effectiveness of the insertion teams by delivering them to their destination rested and better equipped as well as the means of conducting shore surveillance prior to landing. The ASDS is a one atmosp, dry, combatant submersible. The submersible will be capable of operating independently or with other existing Navy ships. The ASDS is capable of at sea operations as well as littoral, including diver lock-in/lock-out. ASDS has a dry chamber that can carry up to 16 SEALs or EOD and allows Naval Special Warfare (NSW) teams to arrive near their target with only a short swim or immersion.

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